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About us

Educa Simula is a part of TAITA. What is TAITA?

farao_taita In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs had a right-hand man, a counsellor. This advisor was responsible for consultation with the people, introduction of innovations and communicating the policies of the pharaoh (commitment). His real task was to establish a balance between the needs of the people and the wishes of the pharaoh. His raison d´┐Żetre was that a good leader requires support to maintain its good work. Taita was the name of one of these counsellors.

To lead people effectively, it´s important that the leader is a well-rounded person.

TAITA uses modern methods and tools to improve existing business processes and to implement new ones. These are just the means. The goal of TAITA is to work together towards the the desired goals, Taking into account personal knowledge and skills.

Besides Educa Simula, TAITA also has TAITA Training and Coaching. TAITA Training and Coaching advises and coaches companies on how to develop and improve business processes. The person behind the worker is the key to success.

Erna van Kollenburg is director of TAITA Training and Coaching and of TAITA Educa Simula. Throughout her career she has supported many companies in developing and optimising their business and IT processes. To do this, she uses her three simulation games ITIL® Foundation, Change Management and Working Process.
She has trained and coached process managers and service managers for several companies. She has even trained companies according to the ITIL® principles who did not work in the IT field.
She also teaches the whole range ITIL® courses.