Company Values
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Company Values

The company values of Educa Simula are:

  • Learning is fun, learning is a joyful experience
  • To be creative in learning from oneself and one´s environment
  • Employees work for the customer
  • To make a flexible combination of work and pleasure

The policy of Educa Simula is to work nicely in your own designed time, with functional independence, to develop fine innovative products. This policy also involves the partners with whom Educa Simula cooperates.

Director Erna van Kollenburg:

The essence of Educa Simula is a virtual organization in which learning tools are developed with which to optimize process management and services in a virtual environment. However, the content of the products needs to be as good as the packaging; what you see must be what you get!
My employees are social beings, they really are working together and they support each other when needed. I stimulate them to share their knowledge and talents freely. Even private emotions are ´instruments´ with which to work; they are often the key to personal growth! For me a win-win situation isn´t just a vague slogan, it´s a real goal!"