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ITIL® Simulations

To manage the workflow of business processes in the services industry is difficult, particularly the communication between specialists on one side and end users on the other.
In ITIL® the IT service management processes are based on best practice. Of course you´ll find similar processes in other industries as well, e.g. facilities management and health care. The simulation game ITIL® Foundation is suitable for the service management processes of all these professional groups.

Online ITIL® Foundation Simulation.
The simulation ITIL® Foundation prepares students for the examination with which they can obtain the Foundation Certificate for IT Servicemanagement. The simulation game can be used either as an individual or as part of a group of students. Given the Training Manual, any participant can start the game at any time they want to. Off course you can start together with a kick-off or an exam training eventual in combination with the official exam.

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The simulation game is nominated for the innovation award of the ITSMF


What is so special about the simulation? The student´┐Żs knowledge will be put into a virtual environment. This helps the student learn the complex relationships between IT workflow and the impact of these processes on the business. This is not done by telling students that their decisions are right or wrong. A student has to learn the consequences that his/her actions will have on the business processes. What was done and what are the results? The effects of your actions on the company´s clients must also be taken into consideration.

Understanding the practise will help the theory fall into place. The simulation will help you gain this understanding and, as a result, you will learn the theory more easily.

It is possible to customise this simulation to include the specific culture and atmosphere of your organization. If your employees can log into a simulation that is a virtual representation of your company, it will be much easier for them to understand the workflow in your business processes.

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