Simulation Process Oriented Working
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Simulation Process Oriented Working

Wake up, get up, go to work or school... In many families this is the daily routine. Not many people following this routine use a rota which states who makes the sandwiches or who helps the children to wash. It usually develops according to ´natural´ patterns. However, if you do not communicate who does what, chaos will reign and this lack of communication will give rise to irritation and annoyance.

To learn how this daily routine works is where the understanding of the working process begins. By understanding the patterns which make up your daily routine you can understand how to adjust to the same routines in the work flow.

The simulation Working Process is a workshop for 6 to 12 people that takes 3 hours. When the simulation game has finished, the students will look back at their everyday work, or at a specific business workflow, in the context of the outcome of the game.
Our experience is that the new knowledge and insights gained help to clarify the way in which the business processes in a company work, revealing the complex underlying structures.

Questions you learn to answer are e.g.:

  • How do we as a company handle our workflow?
  • Are our goals clear from the beginning?
  • Did we use the right means to reach the goals?
  • Did we finally achieve the results we wanted?
  • How do we communicate with each other?