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The ITIL® Foundation Simulations is available as part of the curriculum for IT management studies. Several schools have a range of IT management studies in which ITIL® is part of the theory of Computer Engineering and Business Studies. In a study period of ten weeks (Dutch system) it can cover all exercise material.

Educa Simula trains and coaches the teacher in how to make the simulation part of the curriculum. Educa Simula also helps the teacher with all sorts of methods and guidelines to support the students during their learning process through the simulation. A student only needs 18 hours to complete the simulation and take the test exam. The teacher can provide support online via a special coaching module.

During the simulation, students learn to take decisions as part of a virtual reality situation and to learn from the consequences of their actions. The student receives feedback and can reflect on his/her performance. If questions come up, the student can consult fellow students or the teacher.

The school can use the testing module to devise their own tests to assess students on their newly acquired skills and knowledge.

If you would like more information, please contact Educa Simula.