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Educa Simula works with simulations (virtual games), which complement the personal learning needs of individuals and of the training needs of companies. A simulation is easy to combine with other courses and skills.
To learn and experience together, in a safe environment, being coached to develop your knowledge and professionalism; that is what Educa Simula offers.

Erna van Kollenburg:

"I´ve noticed that, with classical training methods, students didn´t understand the theory. It was too complex and too abstract. They needed to know HOW this theory was used. When I began using their own experience to explain the theory of ITIL®, they immediately understood what I was talking about! I could see the twinkles in their eyes, the sparkles that told me that they had discovered that ITIL® wasn´t boring but was fun to learn!"

The government encourages companies and vocational colleges to use new educational tools and methods to improve the professional standards of the new generation.

Erna van Kollenburg:

"Today�s students have different educational needs. They want to use new digital and virtual tools, to learn in their own time and at their own pace. They dislike what they consider obsolete learning tools."

In a simulation game the theory and the necessary skills are created within a virtual context. This virtual environment shows the real world as it is. A student can practise in this safe environment without there being any actual company risk.

Erna van Kollenburg:

"A safe environment is needed, because making mistakes at work is not accepted. I see a tendency for the services a company offers to be tightened up, so employees can´t afford to make mistakes. You only get one chance, but to learn you really need space to make mistakes and reflect on them! ITIL® is often presented as a bureaucratic and complex system of rules which has to be implemented as written. By presenting the theory and best practice in a modern and entertaining way, it´s much easier to be given feedback on your mistakes and to learn from them. That way you´ll find that you know more than you thought you knew!"