Change Management
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Change Management

The Change Management Simulation is an ideal way to show your employees all the aspects of managing IT changes. It is an effective way of creating awareness and getting buy-in from your employees before a change management process is implemented.

This module is also suitable for an individual student or company employee. When used with a group of workers within a department or company it can help stimulate dialogue and discussion and capture feedback. A plenary kick-off session will give everyone involved the opportunity to discuss the impact of change management in the company, how this will impact them, what the potential success factors are and what the possible risks and benefits will be. It will give those responsible for the change management the chance to explain their process, the choices that were made during its design and how it will be deployed.

Educational Centres:

"In the past there used to be a course called ITIL® Practitioner Change Management. Change Management is now part of the capability module Release, Control & Validation. This Change Management Simulation fits perfectly into that course!"


"In most companies and departments people start the ITIL® processes by implementing a service desk and the incident management process. The employees will also often attend an ITIL® Foundation course. The change management process only becomes important after six months or so. This simulation gives everyone essential insights into the change management process; what it is and why it is needed. It will give you these new insights in an innovative and entertaining way!"

Some companies and IT departments want to start the change management process without using ITIL® best practice. For them this module is extremely useful, because the best practice from their predecessors is part of the whole game. Exercises such as setting priorities, balancing business interest against IT interest or the impact of other changes, defining who does what, communicating with each other, distributing information within the company: they are all contained in the Change Management Simulation.

The Change Management Simulation can be tackled as a group or individually.