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Every day, as you are going to work, you think about your work in an abstract way. What has to be finished? Who can I ask to do this? You follow the same routine in a blinkered way, without thinking about it.
You need to take a step back and look at your routine with fresh eyes.

A simulation game is a virtual reality. Sometimes working in a virtual reality makes you consider your real life situation in a different way. You take off your blinkers and open your eyes again.
More and more companies are aware of this effect and they need the new insights provided by simulations and role playing games to improve the skills of their employees.

Educa Simula offers several simulations:

  • Working Process: this simulation supports students to work in accordance with natural logical procedures.
  • ITIL® Foundation: this simulation prepares students for the official ITIL® exam.
  • Change Management: this simulation is a module about change management processes that fits into the course ITIL® Practitioner/Change Management. It trains your specialist in how to implement change management processes.

A simulation game makes it possible to follow your own course, to study according to your own schedule, to learn according to your own needs. You´ll get insights and learn in your own specific way.
A simulation consists of images, sound and text and is interactive. All Educa Simula simulations have a knowledge bank that includes the theory necessary to support the virtual reality by explaining the routines. At the end there is an exam for you to test your new knowledge.

A simulation can be specifically designed for your employees. The feel and workflow of your business processes can be added, making it easier for your workers to apply their new knowledge in their everyday work.

Educa Simula can also coach your workers towards your business goals.

If you would like more information, please contact Educa Simula.